Girls Youth Basketball Las Vegas

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We at Revive Brand Co. are very proud to announce that we are the official sponsors of the Las Vegas Girls Youth Basketball League!  There is much to be celebrated about this league. It sends a strong message to young girls. You can play too! This is their mission, as taken directly from their website: empower and inspire girls to grow physically and mentally as we enlighten them to realize their full potential both on and off the court. This is very important for many reasons.  According to the womens' sports foundation there are 1.3 million less opportunities for young girls to play organized sports then young boys. The problem with this is girls are missing out on the key life tools that sports gives like Team work, Dedication etc. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to support this positive movement.


Revive and GYB share the same home city Las Vegas!  This is spectacular since we are able to build relationships with the girls involved. We are also hoping to work with the Women’s Basketball League in Las Vegas as well. The motto of GYB is #playlikeagirl . They take the old trope “play like a girl” and change the meaning from a negative one to a positive one! We are very happy to be apart of this movement. Hope to see many more girls involved in sports in the years to come!


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